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Dynamic pricing for your store

Electronic shelf labels (ESL) allow you to update store prices centrally. You can edit your prices manually with mobile devices on-the-go, centrally from the ERP system or even on a schedule on a specific day. Whether it is a small shop with hundreds of labels or a big store with several thousands of labels


Real-time promotion and waste management

With ESL, you can promote products for special events (Valentine's day, Halloween, Christmas...) on a schedule. You can also be sustainable and push discounted prices at the end of the day before fresh food is removed.


Mobile updates to sync prices centrally

ESL price tags can be updated using a mobile device by shop assistants, or centrally using an ERP system. It is more flexible and easy than you think. You can do waste management at the end of the day and discount your fresh food products


Price labels in any size and many options

Electronic shop labels are available in any size between 2 to up to 12 inches, using e-Ink or LCD screen technology: from small monochrome price tags... to freezer label tags... to full-colour digital signage... up to synchronised VUSION rails, everything is possible

See the power of ESL in retail

  • Dynamic pricing: Update prices centrally throughout the day and week
  • Promotion management: Adapt your fresh food prices at the end of the day to be more sustainable
  • Flexible usage: Multiple label sizes, adaptable text and images, mobile updates
  • References: Live examples with all leading retailers

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Enough of the hassle with manual price adjustments?

Replace your paper price labels with electronic shelf labels for automatic price changes. And offer your customer a lot more info about a product than just the price.

How do electronic shelf labels work?

The labels are equipped with IOT technology and communicate via WiFi RF with a management platform in the cloud.

Define the prices in the platform, press the button and prices are automatically adjusted for all channels at once. No more manual price adjustments. You can also link the labels to your ERP package.

And for the customers? Via a QR code or NFC, the labels give access to a lot more information about a product than just the price, such as allergens or an instruction video. Work with colours to put certain products in the spotlight.

Why trust Proximus SpearIT for ESL in retail?

Proximus SpearIT is an independent technology partner and will apply the best ESL technology for your situation and needs. We have signed a strong partnership with SES Imagotag because they have the most innovative ESL solutions available.

We use the Vusion smart retail ESL-IOT platform from SES Imagotag, the world leader in electronic shelf labeling. Worldwide SES accounts for:

  • 17,000 stores and locations equipped with ESL and smart labels
  • Active in 62 countries
  • Over 160 million connected smart labels in industry and retail
  • 200+ customer references among leading retailers
See ESL for yourself & schedule a demo

Who are our leading retail customers?


leading retail customers in Benelux (Colruyt, Lidl, Decathlon...). As an official alliance partner of the leading ESL company, SES Imagotag, we have equipped the majority of large retailers in the region.

Because price changes are automatically managed, we can spend more time on customer advice and servicing.

Claude Florent, current managing director of Gedimat La Vallée

Gedimat La Vallée had its 900 m² warehouse equipped with Electronic Shelf Labelling.

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What are your questions?

Frequently asked questions :

How much does ESL cost?

It will of course depend on the size of the shop and how many articles you have in a shop before you consider the multiple label sizes or options.

Typically an electronic price label comes in various sizes between 5 to 10 cm wide, and you get several options between a monochrome E-ink screen to a 4-colour E-ink screen. A 5 cm monochrome price label that you can see in large hypermarket stores will cost on average 6 EUR per label or 550 EUR per 100 labels.

Apart from the cost of the ESL labels, there are several aspects that influence the total cost calculation: shop audit (free), RFP proposal, ERP connection, set-up and installation costs. After the audit and your known requirements, we make a budgeted proposal with different ESL options that meet your needs.

How much time do ESL price tags last and how reliable are they?
Who can I contact for an urgent ESL project?
How fast can ESL be implemented?
Who can answer questions for ESL?

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