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Push data to factory workers

By connecting smart labels to your assembly lines, you can monitor your spare parts stock levels at all times. You can measure assembly line performance while monitoring your materials stock levels to avoid production delays


Real-time production performance

Connected smart labels can be integrated to your production chain. You can see your assembly efficiency in real-time or every 15 minutes to save energy and maintain total control of your production


Monitor your factory vitals

Electronic smart labels can be equipped with sensors that monitor the temperature and humidity in different locations of the factory. Certain non-food products can be also sensitive to heat and humidity


Factory asset location-based tools

Supplying the right product in the right location is a key element to maintain your productivity. Installing wireless labels that can interact with your assembly teams is easier than you think, quick to attach to materials shelves and faster to connect with the right team leader

The impact of IoT smart labels in the factory:

  • Smart factory real-time data: Connecting smart labels to your ERP system allows you to stay connected with your assembly lines at all times
  • Assembly line efficiency: IoT smart labels can push vital information and instuctions to assembly lines
  • Connected factory vitals: Sensors can be linked to IoT smart labels to share temperature, humidity or noise level info

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Enough of errors or frustrated by the quality in the factory

Replace your paper labels with electronic smart labels to boost your factory assembly lines. And offer your employee a lot more data on the assembly line's productivity combined with timers to keep the pace and sensors to measure the workplace's environment.

How electronic smart labels work with assembly lines?

The labels are equipped with IOT technology and communicate via wifi with a management platform in the cloud.

Define the assembly line process in the platform, push the sync button and assembly line targets are automatically adjusted for all work stations at once. No more manual assembly line targets and reports. You can link the smart labels to your ERP package to take into account the real production capacity for the rest of your supply chain.

Via a QR code or NFC, the labels give access to a lot more information about a product's manufacturing than just a static number. Work with dynamic colour codes to measure the assembly line's result against targets or put certain product materials in the spotlight when they run low or require special handling.

Why trust Proximus SpearIT for ESL-IoT?

Proximus SpearIT is an independent technology partner in Benelux and will put in place the best solutions for Internet-of-Things smart labels based on your requirements and needs. We have a strong partnership with SES Imagotag because it has the most innovative labels available.

Our solution is based on the Vusion smart retail ESL-IoT platform of SES Imagotag, the world leader in IoT smart labels. Here are some SES highlights:

  • 17,000 locations equipped with smart labels
  • Active in 62 countries
  • Over 160 million connected labels in industry and retail
  • 200+ customer references among leading logistics and retail companies
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What are your questions?

Frequently asked questions :

Why does IOT matter for the future of factories?

As a factory manager or a production leader, it may be important for you to increase the efficiency of your production teams or have total control on your supply chain. It depends on your goals to make your factory more successful, increase production or reduce errors.

The trend of using internet-of-things (IoT) smart labels in the factory is increasing and gaining lots of traction in supply chain because it gives you a direct viewpoint on what is happening in the factory and allows your supply chain to be more elastic. Knowing realtime how much parts are being produced by each assembly line, where there are delays and where some productivity lines are exceeding pace, is a game changer.

The main point is that the flexibility of smart labels is limitless, therefore with the assistance of SpearIT experts, we can discuss your production situation, your requirements and the available options for your factory.

How much does ESL-IOT cost and bring in ROI?
How can we avoid disruption while implementing IOT?
What maintenance is needed for ESL smart labels?
Who can answer questions on IOT?

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