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Bringing digital to the physical store

When large retailers or small shop owner come to Proximus asking about solutions to digitalise their store, it will often come to Proximus SpearIT to deploy electronic shelf labels (ESL) thanks to our experience and adaptability.

Because we are an IT SMB integrator, we can apply our independant judgment to each customer case and you also benefit from our experience in serving small companies to very large companies in Belgium's private and public sectors.

Transforming a store can be a straight-forward project if the objective is to deploy electronic shelf labels and a price automation management software. But it can also become a complex project if the objectives are to generate more revenue, develop more profit margin and highlight special promotions to shoppers. Of course, other factors like the size of the store in square-metres or number of articles, the availability of a Wi-Fi access points or the need for a secure network, are taken into account into the offer.

From store transformation to smooth transition

Bringing electronic shelf labels to a new store has lots of benefits for the store owner as well as the shopper. We have a pragmatic approach to implementing electronic shelf labels and training your store assistants to centrally manage and setup prices across your store.

You are not left on the sidelines or alone when we choose together the best solution for your store and set up the price tags in your store.

ESL price tags come in many different sizes (from 4 centimetres long for price tags, 20cm long for digital signage tags, to 1 metre long for Vusion rails). You can use for example:

  • Easy-to-maintain low-energy 4-colour price tags (using LCD or E-ink tags) for your individual price labels placed next to each shelf and article
  • Larger multi-coloured digital signage tags for store category information (e.g. biological foods, fruit origins, vegetable variety, etc)
  • Digital signage touch screens to inform customers on special promotions or portfolio of articles
  • Dynamic signage of Vusion rails that can be synced together to create a video wall in front of specific shelves, as well as show the price of articles

Enhancing the in-store experience

Evolving a store to have electronic price labels is an amazing transformation for your shopper's experience that can be simple with monochrome LCD price tags but even this allows you to centrally change prices at any time for price automation, promote specific fresh food articles at end of the day for waste management and optimise special prices for promotion management.

Additional enhancements are possible: e.g. digital signage tags to promote or educate shoppers on a specific article, or digital touch screens to allow shoppers to search the store's entire catalogue and find ideas for cooking or sports.

Boosting the shopper's experience with digital tags and signage can be limitless but still flexible to your needs and budget.

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