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Choosing IT equipment can be a make or break decision

As a business, you need reliable and high-performing IT infrastructure to ensure smooth operations.
But with so many options available, choosing the right equipment and licenses can be overwhelming. That's where we come in.
Our Enterprise Infrastructure Management services help you streamline your IT infrastructure by providing a comprehensive and compatible list of equipment, licenses, and components.

Discover our two-step approach

Why purchase enterprise IT equipment from us?

Market knowledge

Thanks to our great relations with the wholesaler and manufacturers, we can act more quickly than anyone else.

Accelerate your business

Racing engineers don't have to do any paperwork, they just focus on making their cars faster.

Product knowledge

We know what equipment will meet your performance objectives.

We're always ready

If the equipment is too heavy, you won't get far, and if it's too light, you'll easily spin off track. We will provide rapidly the ideal competitive equipment.

Your design on the test bench

Not literally, of course. But we do check all the components and licenses. In detail. We even double-check with the product engineers.

Our approach consists of two steps:

Infra Scan

Thanks to a technical analysis, you receive a detailed, visual overview of your application workloads from the infrastructure perspective:

  • the performance and space you still have (or don't have)
  • the bottlenecks
  • your quantity of data and file types

Together with your own future plans, this gives you a solid basis for implementing your design. Not too light and, above all, not too heavy of course.

List of equipment with advice and quote

We draw up a complete kit list for you, or go through your list in detail to check whether all the necessary equipment and components are present and compatible. Including the licenses.

And thanks to our good relations with the producers, you get all of this in a competitive quote.

With our approach, you avoid

  • Overdesign
  • Unnecessary investment
  • Frustrations with the purchase, the implementation, the technical support or the later expansions

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Why choose Proximus SpearIT?

A unique IT ecosystem

Are you also looking for solutions in, for example, networking or managed security?
Take advantage of our expertise in other areas.

Tailor-made approach

Looking for an end-to-end solution, or support during one of the roll-out phases of your new IT environment? The choice is yours.

Years of experience

Proximus SpearIT is not a novice in this field.
We have concrete examples to illustrate our approach, so be sure to ask for references!

A Trusted Partner

We strive to deliver the best service.
In our trophy room: numerous high-level certificates and strategic partnerships with top Technology Vendors.

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