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Adaptable to all room booking tools

ESL-IoT screens comes in low energy and all sizes. They can adapt to all industries: e.g. exhibition centre, hospital, hotel, school, university, office meeting rooms... You can select which technology suits your budget (e.g. e-Ink with mail calendar, e-Ink synced with tablet, etc) and what info to display


Push real-time data to booking devices

When you have visitors requiring instant information from your ERP system, ESL-IoT smart labels are connected wirelessly and integrated to your ERP booking system to display the right information real-time or on a schedule. Visitors will benefit from updated booking in a hospital, for classes or meeting rooms


Flexible to your budget

ESL-IoT smart labels come in many sizes from 4 to 30 cm screens, and in different technologies like e-Ink, lcd or hd tablet. You can choose a low-energy e-Ink screens or budget-efficient tablets based on your requirements


Booking available 365/24/7 

ESL-IoT smart labels can be setup in a way that makes it always available by combining an e-Ink display, room booking tablets and room email booking. The system's full integration to your booking systems gives it flexibility and maximum availability for your end customer

Witness the advantages of IoT for room booking

  • Dynamic booking system: Lots of different options exist whether you only need an e-Ink display next to a room or a connected booking system (tablet, touchscreen or email)
  • Always synchronised and backed up: Special information can be displayed next to rooms but also be sent back when someone uses a room booking tool
  • Adapted to all industries: IoT can be used in any industry from healthcare, hotel rooms, schools or corporate offices that can use room booking
  • Flexible system to your budget: Multiple screen sizes, technologies and fixing systems exist to fit within your budget

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Enough of the hassle with non-connected room booking

Replace your paper labels with electronic smart labels for automatic room booking changes. Offer your customer or employee a lot more info about a room or meeting than just static info.

How do electronic smart labels work for room booking?

The labels are equipped with IOT technology and communicate via WiFi with a management platform in the cloud.

Define the room information to share in the platform, press the sync button and room booking data are automatically adjusted for all channels at once. No more manual room booking adjustments. You can also link the smart labels and room booking devices to your ERP package.

And for the end customers? Via a QR code or NFC, the smart labels give access to a lot more information about a room like the booked dates/times/number of participants and open time slots. You can also work with colour codes to highlight special types of meeting or that meeting time is running out.

Why trust Proximus SpearIT for ESL-IoT?

Proximus SpearIT is an independent ICT integrator that benefits from the leverage of a leading telecom company and can partner with leading ESL technology partners. We can choose the best solution that fits your requirements.

Our main solution is based on the Vusion smart ESL-IoT platform of SES Imagotag, the world leader in IoT smart labels. Here are some SES highlights:

  • 17,000 locations equipped with smart labels
  • Active in 62 countries
  • Over 160 million connected labels in industry and retail
  • 200 customer references among leading logistics and retail companies
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What are your questions?

Frequently asked questions :

Why do IoT smart labels matter for room booking?

The IoT technology provides one of the critical improvements to any facility room management. Using smart labels, mobile booking devices and an internet-of-things (IoT) setup is a game changer and can impact multiple industries.

Whether you manage hospital rooms, hotel rooms, exposition center areas, or corporate office meeting rooms, IoT smart labels (e.g. using e-Ink technology or LCD screens) can be combined with mobile booking devices (e.g. small tablets) and your room booking system (e.g. room management software, Microsoft Outlook or Gmail system...). 

The future of room management is evolving rapidly whether it is a virtual video meeting, or a physical meeting. Synchronising the room data real-time or on a schedule is critical and your facility management depends on it.

How much does IOT cost?
Who can I contact if I need to urgently upgrade?
How fast can it be done for a hospital, hotel or office rooms?
Who can answer my questions for my needs?

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