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Synchronised smart labels

The ESL-IoT smart labels allow the order picking team to provide accurate stock inventory levels at all times. Not only does this benefit your logistics team but your end customer can trust your stock levels to the unit


Dynamic inventory levels

Thanks to ESL-IoT smart labels and mobile scanning devices, you synchronize stock levels with your webshop. You have total control over which products to promote, re-order or protect when running low


Mobile scanning of smart labels

Mobile scanning devices give your order picking team freedom to move rapidly in your warehouse. You will boost significantly the efficiency and reduce errors of your order picking team thanks to ESL-IoT smart labels and mobile scanning


Connected stock data

With ESL-IoT smart levels you are aware at all times of which products you can promote and which to re-order. You can also color code your labels to highlight running low or give special instructions for specific categories

The power of IoT smart labels in the warehouse 

  • Connected data and labels: Get updated information in the warehouse and synchronize your order picking data at all time
  • Stock inventory integrity: By integrating product connected labels to order picking, you ensure your stock integrity
  • Push stock data to end customer: With your order picking data connected to your systems, you can push stock levels real-time or on a schedule

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Enough of the hassle of stock inventory?

Replace your paper price labels with electronic shelf labels for automatic stock inventory adjustments. And offer your customer a lot more info about a product's availability.

How do electronic shelf labels work?

The labels are equipped with IOT technology and communicate via WiFi with a management platform in the cloud.

Define the inventory levels in the platform, press the button and stock inventory quantities are automatically adjusted for all channels at once. No more manual inventory adjustments. You can also link the labels to your ERP package.

And for the customers? Via a QR code or NFC, the labels give access to a lot more information about a product's availability. Work with colour codes to put certain products in the spotlight when they are running low or to highlight certain delicate categories.

Why trust Proximus SpearIT for ESL-IoT?

Proximus SpearIT is an independent technology partner in Benelux and will put in place the best solutions for Internet-of-Things smart labels based on your requirements and needs. We have a strong partnership with SES Imagotag because it has the most innovative labels available.

Our solution is based on the Vusion smart retail ESL-IOT platform from SES Imagotag, the world leader in IoT smart labels. Here are some SES highlights:

  • 17,000 locations equipped with smart labels
  • Active in 62 countries
  • Over 160 million connected labels in industry and retail
  • 200+ customer references among leading logistics or retail companies
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What are your questions?

Frequently asked questions :

Why should I consider IOT for my warehouse?

As a warehouse manager or a logistics leader, it may be important for you to increase the efficiency of your picking or have total control on your supply chain system. It depends on your goals to make your warehouse more successful, increase revenue or reduce errors.

The trend of using internet-of-things (IoT) smart labels in the warehouse for order picking is increasing and gaining traction in logistics because it gives teams a direct viewpoint on what is happening in each corner of the warehouse. Thanks to the addition of temperature or humidity sensors, you can even monitor how specific goods are stored in different places of the warehouse.

The main point is that the flexibility of smart labels is limitless, therefore with the assistance of SpearIT experts, we can discuss your situation, requirements and options. The implementation of smart labels is tailored to your warehouse, needs and objectives.

What are the pros and cons of ESL smart labels?
How much time do ESL smart labels last and how reliable is ESL??
How much does ESL-IOT cost?
How fast can ESL-IOT be installed?

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