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IT devices ready for use, with all software and automatically required updates

When it comes to cars, everyone considers it normal that you lease them with included services.
You don't employ car mechanics or tire specialists for your company cars in use.

So why have scarce IT staff repair computers? It's not worth it. Because you can also lease PCs and other IT devices. The residual value of your new company devices makes that an attractive proposition.

They come ready for use, with all software, and automatically receive the required updates.

What about installation and maintenance? We do that for you. This way, your support staff don't lose precious time repairing devices. Instead they can focus fully on more satisfied employees.

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Why we’re the right party for you

Cast-iron advice

We use the needs of the users and the organization as a starting point, give you insight and help you make the right choices.

In automatic gear

You receive a portal in which the entire device cycle is managed, with workflows and approval processes.


Excellent starting position

We have close partnerships with Dell Technologies, HP, Inc, Lenovo and Microsoft. This way you start in pole position.

Our approach

Workshop with report

Get an insight into what exactly people need in order to deliver good work and collaborate smoothly.

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Personalized catalog

We look at it broadly, you choose.

Desktops, laptops, 2-in-1 PCs, tablets, smartphones, accessories such as mice, keyboards, headsets, screens, meeting room equipment, etc.

Lifecyle design and business case

You get a clear picture of the TCO and the cost per type of user for your PCs and other managed devices. This is useful for budgeting, whether you want opex or capex.

Migration and/or roll-out

Depending on what you want, we can opt for a mass start or a stage race. Everything to ensure minimal operational impact for your organization.


A complete ordering portal with state-of-the-art device management technology. For coordinating daily tasks.

What will you get?

The right tools for the job

A state-of-the-art ordering portal


Installation, maintenance and take-back


Asset Management

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In a workshop, we map out which workplace equipment your employees need and how we can further lighten the IT department’s workload.

We'll present the result in an Employee Productivity Report.

With our approach you get:

  An insight into the needs of your employees and your organization

  A clear TCO and cost per type of user

  A roll-out in accordance with your criteria

  A complete ordering portal with the latest new device management technology

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