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Agoria selects Workplace-as-a-Service from Proximus SpearIT

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Agoria has chosen Proximus SpearIT as its digital workplace and cloud partner. The managed services contract will run for 3 years, starting in January 2021, with a prior transition period. Proximus SpearIT will mainly deploy Microsoft technology at Agoria, supplemented with additional services such as security, user analytics and adoption. To this end, it is working closely with its parent company Proximus.

Christian Dekeyser, Director Operations at Agoria

We were pleasantly surprised by Proximus SpearIT's proposal. By offering services from a smaller organisation and using expertise from the entire Proximus group, they have been able to customise to medium-sized organisations such as Agoria. A second strong point is the focus on the user experience. In line with our own 'Be the change' attitude, we can now take the digital skills of our employees to an even higher level.

User experience first

The innovative thing about the services at Agoria is, on the one hand, the integration of various innovative building blocks from the Microsoft cloud and, on the other hand, the Workplace-as-a-Service with a focus on end users. They will be able to offer an optimal service to their members anytime, from anywhere and safely. The past few months have shown with COVID-19 that organisations need to be able to respond quickly and flexibly to changing circumstances.

In the Agoria Workplace-as-a-Service they receive a sophisticated adoption plan so that they can quickly get away with the new possibilities of their digital workplace. In addition, users get help from a proactive AI that can suggest solutions based on a knowledge base, network analysis and reports from other users.


Overview of workplace and cloud services at Agoria

  • Office 365 / Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Telephony Integration Teams
  • Manage laptops and smartphones with Microsoft Intune,
  • Workstation materials such as docking stations, screens, headsets and audio and video conferencing material for the meeting rooms
  • End-point security
  • Predictive analytics software
  • Services for better user adoption of the new environment
  • Migrations to and server management in Azure for the (web) applications

Together, Proximus SpearIT offers these elements in a service model in which continuous improvement and innovation are ingrained so that Agoria's digital workplace remains up-to-date.

I am very proud of this cooperation and thank Agoria for their trust in the Proximus Accelerators to guide them in their digital transformation. Proximus SpearIT and Proximus Enterprise integrate innovative solutions in the cloud together, with AI and adoption services. This proves once again the unique strength of our Proximus Accelerators ecosystem.


Bart Watteeuw, Director ICT Benelux at Proximus

About Agoria

Technology federation Agoria has almost 2000 member companies and is there for everyone who is inspired by technology. The technology sector in our country is the sector with the highest added value (EUR 30 billion in 2019) and highest real economic growth (11.5% since 2015). More than 310,000 people work in the technology sector. In 2019, the sector's turnover was 129 billion euros, with investments exceeding 4 billion euros.

Agoria's services and points of view are about Human Capital and training, market development, regulation, digitisation, smart ecosystems, infrastructure, manufacturing industry, climate, environment and energy. With 'Be the change', Agoria is strongly committed to the influence of digitisation on the labour market. Agoria is the main sponsor of the Agoria Solar Team, the team of 20 Belgian students that wants to become world champion in solar car racing in Australia for the second time in 2021. The organisation has some 200 employees working in Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Liège and Charleroi. Marc Lambotte is the CEO. More info on www.agoria.be.


About the Proximus Accelerators

The Proximus Accelerators bring together the right people, capacities, skills and expertise. As a tribe of digital doers who have joined forces to help your business grow in an ever-changing digital economy.

We cover various aspects of the digital transformation puzzle, such as security, IoT and application integration, by offering integrated 360° ICT solutions.

Proximus Accelerators is designed to stimulate innovation and empower your business through integrated 360° ICT solutions, no matter what stage of your digital transformation process you are in.

As an expert in IT for employees, data centre & cloud, security & networking and IoT, Proximus SpearIT is one of the proud Proximus Accelerators, together with Be-Mobile, Clearmedia, Codit, Davinsi Labs, Proximus Enterprise, Telindus, Umbrio and Unbrace.


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