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Become a Smart retailer

76% of Belgian consumers buy online, while 90% of all physical products is still bought in stores. Consumers today don't think in terms of channels, they just want to shop.

Discover how technology and digital transformation can help you to get phy-gital by bringing digital into the physical space.

How? Obtain more operational efficiency and customer centricity in your business model. Invest in your customer’s experience while increasing traffic & basket size.

Amazing customer shop experience

Centrally managed real-time data on electronic shelf labels (ESL), sales touchscreens, digital info screens and kiosks can influence instant purchase decisions and support in-store ecommerce. Offer a memorable shopping experience. Read more on the retail digital transformation


Smart ESL labels using IOT technology and WiFi

Define the prices in the management platform, press the button and prices are automatically adjusted for all channels at once. No more manual price adjustments. You can also link the electronic shelf labels to your ERP package.

And for customers? Via a QR code or NFC, the labels give access to a lot more information about a product than just the price, such as allergens or an instruction video. Work with colours to put certain products in the spotlight.
Read more on ESL-IOT technologies

The connected always-on secured store

Before investing in technologies that collect data to be more efficient, you need a fast, reliable and secure network. Become an always-on connected & secured store.


Security proof & GDPR compliancy

You don't want to lose customer's trust because of a data breach, malware, lost orders or interrupted services.

This means that organizations should take privacy and security seriously and take a professional approach. Cybercrime is only on the rise.

The privacy laws are very strict, the fines are proportionate. The Proximus ICT ecosystem offers you the best protection on the market.

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