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Proximus SpearIT know-how and Logitech VC solutions

Proximus SpearIT has a preferred partnership with Logitech which allows us to propose the most innovative video conferencing solutions with our know-how and experience.
Logitech is the leading video conferencing supplier and proposes the best hardware and software for your office and home workspaces. You can find them via our Proximus SpearIT technical teams but also via our B2B webshop.
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Conferencing solutions for any office or home room size


Personal workspace solutions for remote work


Enhance meetings with Logitech Scribe™ virtual whiteboard


Benefit from Logitech RightSense™ auto-track technology

Logitech Rally conferencing solution

Logitech Rally plug-and-plays with any PC, Mac, or Chromebox via USB, and can add up to 7 mics for a large meeting room.
Logitech Rally Plus™ conferencing large package   Logitech Rally Simple™ conferencing small package   Logitech RightSense™ conferencing light and sound sensors

The Logitech Rally™ adapts to any room size and to meeting dynamics with automatic zoom and movement tracking from AI-based RightSight™ technology. It also includes low-light adaptation with the RightLight™ technology. And comes with auto-level loud, soft voices and anti-noise suppression with the RightSound™ technology. In terms of support, Logitech Select is a comprehensive service plan that delivers reliability, continuity, and 24/7 peace of mind.

Logitech Tap™ for Microsoft Teams   Logitech Tap™ for Google Meet   Logitech Tap™ for Zoom

The Logitech room solution includes everything you need to build a meeting room of any size or shape — a mini PC, a Logitech Ultra-HD conference cam with RightSense™ technology, and Logitech Tap™ touch controller. It is available for a Microsoft Teams®, Google Meet® or Zoom® configuration. You can benefit from workplace tools like Logitech RightSense™ technology to automatically zoom and track movement to a whiteboard and speaker, or have a virtual whiteboard with Logitech Scribe™ technology.

Logitech Tap™ center-of-room control

Easily turn any office room into a conference room with one-touch proximity join, wired and wireless content sharing, and center-of-room control.

Logitech room solutions for any situation and room

Easily turn any office room into a video conference room with a Logitech camera, your laptop, a mini-pc or a Smartboard.
Choose from different Logitech 
camera sizes based on your room
 Choose from different Logitech options based on your needs:
Option 1: Logitech camera with your laptop   Option 2: Logitech camera with a mini-pc   Option 3: Logitech camera with a smartboard

Proximus SpearIT as premier partner and Logitech tech partners

On the distributor side, Proximus SpearIT is a Premier partner with Logitech in the Benelux region. This allows us to benefit from the latest technology products, innovations and hardware deals.
On the supplier side, Logitech works closely with software and hardware partners to create compatible video conferencing solutions. They focus on designing interoperable solutions that are easy to use and easy to deploy, with the goal of delivering an exceptional user experience.

Logitech workspace solutions

Logitech designs products that have an everyday place in people's lives, connecting them to the digital experiences they care about. More than 35 years ago, Logitech started connecting people through computers, and now it’s a multi-brand company designing products that bring people together through video, music, gaming, and computing.
Logitech Video Collaboration's objective is to make video meetings accessible in the workplace or at home, and affordable to every business and every individual contributor, without sacrificing quality. To video-enable every meeting room, workspace or home.

About Logitech Video Conferencing

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