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Proximus Enterprise becomes Proximus NXT, a leading player in the ICT sector in the Benelux

It is official. Proximus further strengthens its position on the professional Benelux market. The new name in the B2B landscape is Proximus NXT but above all, the name is synonymous with a strategy that highlights IT expertise beyond the telecom DNA.


As a leader in technology, Proximus NXT wants to guide companies through the technology jungle by turning their challenges into opportunities. The new name stands for expertise in the next generation of technologies and reflects the new era of ecosystems built with customers and partners.

"More than ever, it is the customer and innovation that are the focus," Anne-Sophie Lotgering, Enterprise Market Lead at Proximus NXT explains.

Proximus NXT is so much more than a new name. I would love to tell you about the challenges of tomorrow and how we can help you.”

Anne-Sophie Lotgering, Enterprise Market Lead at Proximus

Proximus NXT is the new name for our activities on the professional market for medium and large companies. The world is changing rapidly, companies have to deal with huge amounts of data to manage, store and analyze. The emergence of technologies such as artificial intelligence, mixed reality, machine learning and cloudification directly impacts many business processes.

Proximus NXT helps companies meet these digital challenges and become more competitive. To do this, we partner with a whole range of companies specializing in cloud, data and cybersecurity.

These are on the one hand the big global tech companies, the so-called "hyperscalers", but also local ICT partners and our specialized subsidiaries that have strengthened the Proximus family in recent years: SpearIT, Codit, ClearMedia, Davinsi Labs and UMBRiO, Telindus Netherlands and Telindus Luxembourg.

The partnership is inclusive where the focus is on an end-to-end service offering that puts your business and Data Lifecycle Management at the center.

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