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Datadobi wanted a faster and cheaper IT infrastructure to support its demo environment.

The solution consists of Software Defined Storage with vSAN from VMware on Dell Hyperconverged vSAN ReadyNodes.

Datadobi can now quickly prepare demo environments and give high-performance demos to its customers.

Datadobi is a Belgian software company specialized in data migration, replication and synchronization.

More information: www.datadobi.com


Another successful collaboration

Datadobi had worked with Proximus SpearIT in the past. We were so satisfied that we again chose this partner. That’s how we began the search for a new IT infrastructure with Proximus SpearIT.

First, we mapped out the entire project, with the needs and priorities of Datadobi's employees.

Proximus SpearIT then carefully prepared the project, including an analysis of the old environment via specialized software. Based on the results of the analysis, Proximus SpearIT developed the new IT infrastructure, which is totally prepared for the future.

Proximus SpearIT creates a fast and flexible server environment for Datadobi

Matthias Nijs, Sales Manager Benelux at Datadobi

Matthias Nijs - Datadobi

A comprehensive approach with a flexible result

In the past, the whole environment was shared and it was difficult to define storage allocation. Everything has now been brought together in a single environment, which simplifies management

Our whole environment is now very flexible, fast and scalable for the future. Thanks to the hyperconverged concept, the Datadobi environment surpasses the physical limitations of traditional server, storage and network solutions.

The project has had a positive impact on the activities of most Databobi employees.

Technology deployed at Datadobi

  • VMware
    • vSAN
    • vSphere & vCenter
  • DELL Hyperconverged vSAN ReadyNodes
  • DELL Network Switches
Dell Hyperconverged bij Datadobi

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