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CVO De Oranjerie

Center for adult education “De Oranjerie” strives to provide maximum learning gains on a professional and personal level. For this, it needed to switch to a modern infrastructure.

The old server environment of De Oranjerie no longer met expectations. Given that teachers use more and more photos and videos during their courses, there was an urgent need for more storage space.

CVO De Oranjerie stands for high-quality
qualification and skills-oriented
adult education

More information: www.deoranjerie.be


A thorough technical analysis

During various preparatory meetings, technical experts and sales employees from Proximus SpearIT drew up a detailed technical analysis of the project together with De Oranjerie, so that the implementation could be done in ideal circumstances.

Always a personal touch

Although Proximus SpearIT forms part of one of the largest companies in Belgium, it never lost its personal touch and was easy to reach. At the same time, as a large company, they had access to all the necessary knowledge and connections, and could offer interesting prices.


Proximus SpearIT, a large company with a personal touch

Hans Maes, ICT-employee

Hans Maes - CVO De Oranjerie

Thanks to good preparation, the implementation of three simultaneous projects went smoothly

· The entire server room was replaced with the help of DELL PowerEdge servers and a brand-new storage environment.

· In addition, the network environment was completely updated with DELL switches.

· Finally, various computers in the computer classrooms were also upgraded.

Technology deployed at CVO De Oranjerie

  • DELL Poweredge servers
  • DELL switches
  • Faster network connection

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