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Proximus NXT SpearIT takes De Lijn's buses and trams to the next level

1/15/2024 by SpearIT editor

Proximus NXT SpearIT, leading ICT solutions provider and subsidiary of Proximus, has won a framework agreement with De Lijn, the Flemish public transport company. The framework contract includes the replacement of current 3G routers in buses and trams with new 4G/5G routers, including full staging and installation.

Amate/GZA Zorg en Wonen awards 4-year ICT Managed Services Contract to Proximus SpearIT

6/14/2023 by SpearIT editor

Proximus SpearIT, subsidiary of the Proximus Group has been chosen by Amate/GZA Zorg & Wonen for a comprehensive 4-year ICT services contract. The agreement covers end-to-end managed services support for Amate/GZA Zorg en Wonen's entire ICT landscape, including management of the hybrid Cloud platform, IT workstations, network and security, and support for more than 2,000 end users.

6/13/2023 by SpearIT editor

It is official. Proximus further strengthens its position on the professional Benelux market. The new name in the B2B landscape is Proximus NXT but above all, the name is synonymous with a strategy that highlights IT expertise beyond the telecom DNA.

2022 Proximus cyber security report

4/21/2023 by SpearIT editor

Proximus has published its fourth annual cyber security report, conducted in collaboration with its affiliates Davinsi Labs, Proximus SpearIT, Telindus Luxembourg and Telindus Netherlands.

New Support Services on Request (SSoR) launched

4/3/2023 by SpearIT editor

New Support Services on Request (SSoR) launched
We launched a new Proximus SpearIT offering to serve our customers even better! The offering is called Support Services on Request.

Trends Gazelle 2023 nominates Proximus SpearIT, in the category large enterprises in the Brussels region

2/20/2023 by SpearIT editor

Each year the editors of Trends nominate a Gazelle for each province in Belgium. A Gazelle is not only a source of energy for our economy but also a real inspiration for entrepreneurs.

Dell awards Proximus SpearIT & Proximus Enterprise with “CSP Partner of the Year” for Cloud excellence

12/22/2022 by SpearIT editor

At the 2022 Dell Technologies Forum event, Proximus SpearIT and our colleagues of Proximus Enterprise were awarded as winners in the category “ Cloud Service Partner (CSP) of the Year ”.

How does your organization deal with cybersecurity?

10/28/2022 by SpearIT editor

What cyber threats and challenges do companies in Belgium face? Share your experience and fill in our annual survey. Afterwards we will summarize the results and insights in a clear report that we make available on our website proximus.be. You will gain insight into the current cybersecurity situation of organizations in the Benelux.

Proximus partner SpearIT took this technology one step further by introducing electronic labels and LED lights on Bierhalle’s shelves.

10/26/2022 by SpearIT editor

With hundreds of different drinks on its shelves, Bierhalle in Melle is the largest drinks superstore in Belgium. The company plans to use its digitization project to serve its customers better, collect more sales data and enhance the shopping experience.

Joris Duysens appointed as new Managing Director of Proximus SpearIT

10/17/2022 by SpearIT editor

"The potential of Proximus SpearIT is huge: it has both the flexibility of a medium-sized company and the strength of a large enterprise thanks to the Proximus group. Ready to help our customers transform and manage their IT environment."

Atrias chooses Proximus SpearIT to manage their basic ICT services

2/2/2021 by SpearIT editor

Following an extensive public procurement procedure, Atrias decided to award the framework contract "Basic IT Managed Services" to Proximus SpearIT

We were pleasantly surprised by Proximus SpearIT's proposal," says Christian Dekeyser, Director Operations at Agoria

7/10/2020 by SpearIT editor

Agoria selects Proximus SpearIT as its digital workplace and cloud partner.

With Christiaan and Jan as our latest hires, we are ready to meet the increasing demand for managed services & IT operations outsourcing and to further expand our solutions & services offering.

7/6/2020 by

Proximus SpearIT continues to grow and strengthens its leadership team with experienced professionals from the Belgian ICT sector. Christiaan De Backer (ex-CIO TomTom, Van Genechten Packaging, Belgacom and former 'CIO of the Year' for Datanews) started July 1st as Director Operations & CTO. He is responsible for the future professionalization and expansion of the Services business. Jan Barbier (ex-Proximus, Proact, Uptime) will become Practice Lead and will be responsible for the further development of the Solution portfolio in the domains Datacenter & Cloud and Security & Networking.

12/2/2019 by

The European GDPR came out eighteen months ago. How are Belgian SMEs doing with implementation?
Not particularly well, warns Samira Hajji, Business Manager (privacy and security) and Data Protection Officer at Proximus SpearIT. Security in particular apparently leaves a lot to be desired.

“An HCI combines computational power, hosting and network infrastructure in a single, automated, centralized system.”

11/14/2019 by

Hyperconvergence is the latest IT trend. But what is it? How can it benefit your business? What do your C-Levels need to know about it?

Hyperconvergence regroups computing, storage, network and software into one single system – often in the form of ready-to-use servers based on x86 hardware.

11/14/2019 by

An HCI is simple to configure, manage and to scale. But how is an HCI adapted to your needs?

Because it’s less complex, hyperconvergence’s Total Cost of Ownership is lower than a classic or converged infrastructure. 

11/14/2019 by

Hyperconvergence is the latest IT trend. But what is it? How can it benefit your business? What do your C-Levels need to know about it?

Hyperconverged infrastructures are the future.

11/14/2019 by

You’ve chosen to go for a hyperconverged infrastructure? Congratulations! It’s a good idea. But how can you pick the best partner to deploy it?

Have you addressed these 10 components in your security strategy?

6/11/2019 by SpearIT editor

Read about ten crucial IT components to secure and how to do that.

In more than half of attacks on Belgian businesses, cybercrime abused the confidence of employees.

6/11/2019 by SpearIT editor

Belgian businesses had to deal with these forms of cybercrime.

Not only the big companies need to record their personal data processing activities.

6/5/2019 by SpearIT editor

All businesses that process and store personal data have to take the necessary steps to protect that data.

You can get fines, but have you ever wondered about the damage to your reputation after a data breach?

6/3/2019 by SpearIT editor

Every business must take the necessary measures to secure the personal data of its clients and employees. What is your data protection strategy?

Become an ICT security specialist

5/27/2019 by SpearIT editor

Your IT security career starts here! 

Proximus SpearIT trains security specialists op met Cefora, Le Forem and Technobel

Proximus SpearIT starts a collaboration with Le Forem, Cefora and Technobel. The initiative named 'opération coup de poing' targets techy people to make a career switch to IT security. Technobel will provide tailor-made theoretical classes and Proximus SpearIT will provide an internship.

Scareware plays on a user's fear and ignorance.

5/6/2019 by SpearIT editor

Cybercriminals are very inventive. Do you know the most common cyber threats for SMEs?

Good preparation, in the form of an incident response plan, can help limit the impact of an incident.

4/30/2019 by SpearIT editor

It's not a question of if but when your business will have to deal with a cyber incident.

No business or organization can ever be 100% certain it won’t be hacked.

4/24/2019 by SpearIT editor

How do you prepare your business for the consequences of a security incident?



Instead of always putting out small fires, think about where the flammable material is located, where the fire extinguishers should hang, and who should do what in case of a fire.

4/16/2019 by SpearIT editor

With these five steps, you can build an ICT security strategy for your business.

Like us? Vote here for us to become SMB IT Partner of the year

4/4/2019 by

The readers of Data News have nominated Proximus SpearIT as the possible SMB IT partner of the Year. Vote here!


According to CERT, SMEs are a prime target of ransomware.

4/2/2019 by SpearIT editor

In 2018, the number of ransomware attacks worldwide rose by 350% (source: BDO).

According to a study by BDO, CEO fraud accounts for 5% of all successful cases of financial fraud in Belgium.

4/2/2019 by SpearIT editor

CEO fraud is on the rise in Belgium. In this type of fraud, cybercriminals posing as a CEO or financial executive ask for a large transfer to be made immediately.

25 May ‘18 was a kick-off; you basically need to prove you have a GDPR plan.

8/29/2018 by

Don't let anyone scare you. Check here if GDPR applies to you and/or set up an organization and IT process (first the organization, then the IT, not the reverse).

We know the mid-market like no one else, and this award confirms that.

1/26/2018 by

We received the Channel Award for best reseller for the mid-market at the 16th Channel Awards gala in Brussels on 25 January.

Security is best tackled end-to-end: from incoming network traffic to firewalls and user devices.

12/1/2017 by SpearIT editor

Organizations often overlook the most obvious security risk on every workstation. Here's a handy way of fixing this, quickly and without cost.

De meeste IT’ers zijn van opleiding blue code. In je veranderingsmanagement zal je hen meer moeten sturen naar agile, wat een andere mindset vraagt.

10/20/2017 by

Nigel Moulton op het Dell EMC Forum in Brussel bracht een heldere visie over hoe je je IT-afdeling moet veranderen om digitale transformatie mogelijk te maken. Hier de 5 dingen die je moet onthouden.

Less than one in seven Belgian ICT specialists is a woman

10/13/2017 by

Data News published the following Eurostat figures: the number of IT specialists in Belgium increased from 2011 to 2014, but numbers have been falling ever since.

The SAP Technobarometer assesses digital transformation in practice

9/12/2017 by

Belgian companies say they don't have in-house knowledge (57%), a digital strategy (54%), or the right people (50%). And the figures are even higher for smaller companies. What now?

Digital is a mindset

8/11/2017 by

Paul Verwilt of Mediahuis forgoes buzzwords such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Virtual Reality. Read here how to create real added value for customers. 

Proximus SpearIT is Dell EMC Titanium Partner

6/22/2017 by SpearIT editor

Dell EMC gives this status to partners in its Partner Program who have the resources and competencies (expert certificates) that make them true sector specialists. 

VMware kan je haast niet meer wegdenken uit hedendaagse IT-omgevingen

6/21/2017 by SpearIT editor

Proximus SpearIT heeft haar VMware Professional Solution Provider partnership bevestigd. 

Meetings: efficient means of communication or waste of time? How do you meet?

6/16/2017 by SpearIT editor

Recognize these office frustrations? They're the five most common problems with meeting rooms at Proximus SpearIT. Things we were sick of. So we decided to solve them. Here, we tell you how.