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Make your IT platform future-proof

If you really want to become a digital company, you have to keep up with IT developments.
Yes, I hear you say, but what's the added value for me?

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Easy management

How much time do your employees spend maintaining and managing servers and storage?
Leave the migration, consolidation and management of your servers to us.
That way, your employees can spend more time on projects and communication with your business departments.

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Better performance

The latest servers, all-flash memory and hyperconverged solutions all lead to better application performance. 
Result: on your digital workstation, you can share screens and Skype at lightning speed.
A better IT experience for everyone.

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Attractive price

IT budgets rarely go up.
With modern infrastructure, you save costs and your employees can work faster and more efficiently.
A win-win situation on every level.

Do more with less!

Matthias Nijs, Datadobi

Our whole environment is now extremely flexible, fast and scalable for the future.

Matthias Nijs, Sales Manager Benelux at Datadobi

How do we work with you?

That depends on how your company wants to handle its IT.

don't waste time on routine tasks that can be automated

Do you like to hold the reins?

Well, you can. We’ll help you upgrade your infrastructure.

Design, standardize, consolidate and migrate to the new environment (the whole project or part of it).

With the necessary monitoring afterwards, and partial or full management of your infrastructure layers.

don't waste time on routine tasks that can be automated

Want to really focus on core tasks?

We see this more and more: IT departments that work closely with business departments and want the best added value for their company. They often prefer to leave infrastructure management to a partner dedicated to doing that as its core business: for example, Proximus SpearIT.

We offer infrastructure as a service with tailor-made SLAs.

Our project approach

don't waste time on routine tasks that can be automated

Consultancy & Design

by certified architects

with a good plan, you don't notice anything but know exactly what's going on

Project Management

tailored to your project, not too much, not too little

everyone wants to advance, but nobody wants to maintain what has already been built – except us

Management and maintenance

with guaranteed tailor-made services

our qualified engineers visit you


by qualified engineers

What can we do for you?



A hybrid IT environment tailored to your needs, in a public or private cloud, on-premises or in a data center. And with a network on which everything whizzes by.



Cybercrime continues to rise. Thanks to our connection with Proximus, we can block attacks en route, before they reach your company.



Calling, chatting, sharing screens from a single environment on different devices, any time, in the office or on the go.



For each type of user, the right device for carrying out tasks as quickly as possible. The right settings and updates on every device. Who says you can't please everyone?