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Always start with the right digital workplace tools

As an IT specialist or decision maker, you know that providing your team with the right tools is crucial for a productive and efficient digital workplace. From mobile devices to meeting room screens, each tool must be reliable to ensure smooth collaboration.

At our company, we understand the importance of choosing the right digital workplace tools for your team.
With a personalized catalog portal, ordering the right equipment is a breeze in our B2B webshop, freeing up more time for your support staff and increasing employee satisfaction with IT.

How do you give your team a breather with the right workplace tools?

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Why purchase your workplace tools from us?

Well-functioning IT, satisfied users

Don't lose time on the purchasing of PCs and other tools. We're happy to do this for you. This way, you free up more time for your support staff and increase the satisfaction of your users.

Budget and forecast under control

Accurately forecast the employee IT cost. What you forecast is indeed the actual budget.

Product knowledge

We know which equipment works well in a particular context. You receive correct advice.

We’re competitive

Thanks to our good relationships with the vendors we can respond faster than others and offer competitive prices.

An informed choice for motivated employees


A persona analysis outlines the framework for your user policy.

Workshop with report

Based on a workshop with your IT and HR people, you obtain an insight into the type of users in your organization through a persona report.

Informed choice of equipment

Together, we establish the user personas and choose the necessary hardware, software and accessories. An informed choice of tools for motivated employees.


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What do you get?

Your special prices

The right products in the right place at the best price.

Negotiated specifically for you, with all required options and a periodic review of products and prices.

Access to our specialists

Moreover, you obtain access to our pool of IT specialists to help you out temporarily in your projects or on your support desk. And our architects and product specialists are at the ready to size and double-check any infrastructure projects.


More information about Enterprise IT-procurement


Need an extra guarantee? No problem.

Stock management: we can conclude agreements on this.

Imaging or staging: Just say the word and your support desk will save even more time.

On-site installation or help with a larger roll-out.

Hardware management keeps your device management database up to date.

 License management: save on licenses and spot illegal software.

A cockpit and a care team

Your IT team gets a cockpit with an overview of offers, orders and invoices. We set up your catalog and prices on our portal. You can flexibly add other stock equipment to this.

If you can't find something or you're looking for something very specific that is not readily available in stock, your customer team will step in.

Request your Employee Productivity workshop

Together with you, we map out which workplace tools your employees need to be able to give their best. We'll present the result in an Employee Productivity Report.

With our approach you get:
  • More productive IT time
  • Happy and more productive employees
  • Insight into your employees’ needs
  • Control over budget and forecast
  • Proactive planning of updates and replacements
  • Savings on software licenses
  • All the essentials and a nice options list
How do you give your team a breather with the right workplace tools?

Request your Employee Productivity workshop