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Our deployment approach

Here are the steps describing how a managed services project for a remote technical helpdesk or cloud network maintenance team can start and end, following the high-level approach of assess, design, build, and run:
Following this approach, Proximus NXT SpearIT's managed services projects for a technical helpdesk or cloud network maintenance teams can begin with a comprehensive assessment, continue with a purposeful design, and then proceed with the building and running of the services.
Throughout the project, continuous monitoring and collaboration with the client help to deliver optimal IT support and maintenance services. At the end of the project, Proximus NXT SpearIT ensures ongoing improvement and client satisfaction through regular evaluation and feedback loops.

Our infrastructure domains

Proximus NXT SpearIT offers Managed Services on your entire IT infrastructure. These services cover the whole infrastructure and provide for on-site and remote services accross our core 'vertical' solutions:
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