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About us

Proximus SpearIT is there to help IT organizations in medium-sized companies that want to further digitalize their company.

IT organizations that want to work more closely with their business but hardly have time for it.

IT organizations that are delayed because it is increasingly difficult for them to find enough IT talent or the specialist with the right knowledge, but which do want to get ahead. 

Our IT services

We don’t do copy-pasting; in the services below, we always take a unique approach tailored to fit your company.

  • IT for employees: a mix of productivity, user experience and total cost optimization that's ideal for you.
    Devices, hardware and software management and a service desk.
  • Data center and cloud: the ease of managing cloud solutions in which also your software runs or where your data is stored and backed up.
  • Security & networking: turn privacy and security into a unique competitive advantage; we help with consultancy and the implementation of a 360° security approach, or with a simple Wi-Fi audit.
  • Internet of Things (IoT): smart price labels for the retail sector and other proof-of-concepts over Wi-Fi, 4G (5G... ?) or Proximus' LoRa network.

We work in the way that suits you best:

  • On a time & material basis: you buy or rent the required equipment or IT specialists for your projects.
  • As a project: we take responsibility for the scope, timing and budget of your project.
  • As a service: we settle on an SLA (Service Level Agreement) with a fixed or variable price

Part of the Proximus Group

As an independent, medium-sized IT company in the Proximus Group we know ourselves how things work in other medium-sized companies. We say it like it is and don't shy away from any challenge. Just like you.

Since we are part of the Proximus Accelerators, we can call on the IT expertise of the whole Proximus Group for your projects and services.

Big grower

Proximus SpearIT has been a Trends Gazelle for four years in a row now.

Because we're growing so strongly, we're always looking for more (wo)man power.

Proximus Accelerators

We bring together the right people, capacities, skills and expertise.
As a tribe of digital doers who have bundled their powers to help your business grow in a constantly changing digital economy.

We cover different aspects of the digital transformation puzzle, such as security, IoT and application integration, by offering integrated 360° ICT solutions.

Proximus Accelerators is designed to stimulate innovation and empower your business, no matter in which phase of the digital transformation track you are.

As an IT expert for employees, data center & cloud, security & networking and IoT, Proximus SpearIT is one of the proud Proximus Accelerators, along with Be-Mobile, ClearMedia, Codit, Davinsi Labs, Proximus Enterprise, Telindus, Umbrio and Unbrace.

More information on www.proximusaccelerators.eu.