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IT Onsite Interventions Specialist and Storehouse operator

At Proximus SpearIT, we do everything to enable companies to work smarter, safer and faster. Customers come to us for our wide and extensive offering of IT services. Due to our strong growth, we are always looking for new employees.

Proximus SpearIT strengths:

  • Infrastructure projects and integrations, on-site and in the cloud;
  • Services related to networks, security, Skype for Business, storage, network and server maintenance, monitoring, service desk, and on-site support;
  • Support by IT specialists, project managers and interim managers;
  • Sale of servers, network equipment, smartphones, tablets, PCs and accessories.

What do we expect from you?

You will be part of the NTX Consortium Team in charge of operating the European Commission’s Network Managed Services under the NMSIII framework contract.

The NMS III Infrastructure consists of:

Network Infrastructure

  • The LAN in the Commission’s buildings (approximately 80 buildings spread over Brussels, Luxembourg)
  • The connections between these buildings as WAN (MPLS technology)
  • Wifi Hotspots spread over the Commission's buildings
  • Data Centre network services

Network Security and Network Application Infrastructure

  • The security perimeter consists in a multi-layer infrastructure of firewalls of different vendors.
  • The incoming and outgoing accesses with the external world pass through dedicated appliances working as proxies and reverse proxies.
  • DNS infrastructure and authentication servers are part of our domain of competences.

Telephony and Videoconferencing Infrastructure

  • Only Non-end-user devices and specific end-user devices and interact to the classic telephony service
  • Large video studio, video conferencing room and personal video systems

Network Intervention Services:

  • On-site intervention services including the technical room management
  • Storehouse and spare services

Compliancy Infrastructure:

  • Definition and maintenance of processes including the associated tooling, metrics and KPIs
  • Reporting of metrics and KPIs

Supporting Infrastructure:

  • Definition and maintenance of underlying infrastructures including the filesystems and the central computer platforms
  • Maintaining and develop automation tooling to ease use and increase reliability of the service

Test and lab Infrzastructure:

  • Assist in defining test programs for design projects
  • Assist in automating test programs as regression testing and fault testing and allow for faster validation of design changes

A team of 60 people is working permanently on-site (Luxembourg and Brussel).


For this position, we are looking for 2 half-time. The first half-time with the role of Onsite Interventions Specialist (OIS) and the second with the role of Storehouse Operator (SO)

Role of Onsite Interventions Specialist (OIS)

  • Cabling to the different networks according to the cabling guidelines available. Report of any discrepancy
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Onsite repair following an incident
  • Onsite tests and troubleshooting
  • Site surveys
  • Network port configuration
  • Test cable and ensure accuracy of cable testing, documentation and storage
  • Test, troubleshoot, and resolve issues with cable faults
  • Routinely work with staff electricians, contractors and third-party vendors
  • Proceed to inventory of data cabling/patching when requested
  • Labelling
  • Installation/removal of equipment located in local technical rooms

Role of Storehouse Operator (SO)

  • Manage the customer's storehouses located in Luxembourg and Brussels.
  • Propose a storehouse organisation, feed the databases linked to these storehouses
  • Ensure that the correct level of spare management is respected
  • Ensure a proper follow up of the consumable assets in the adequate databases
  • Ensure the tasks around asset management are fulfilled
  • Provide reporting on an asset under its responsibility
  • Receipt of goods during the delivery process
  • Quality check of the delivered equipment
  • IN-OUT management on an equipment (in a storehouse, from the storehouse to a final location, from a storehouse to a network management centre)
  • Reconditioning of equipment
  • Write-off of equipment
  • Spare management / hot spare management
  • RMA (Return of Merchandise Activities) management
  • Labelling
  • Yearly inventory of the assets (telephony, videoconference, network and security services) on the sites where assets managed by the customer are located (Strasbourg, Luxembourg, Brussels, Dublin or any other location indicated during the lifetime of the contract)
  • Regular inventories of the assets located in the storehouses


  • Education : BAC with good knowledge  in computer sciences
  • Network principle (switching/routing)

Skills required:

  • 3 - 5 years of experience in the domain Expertise in patching and/or in the organisation storehouses
  • Preferably : Good experience in the domain of Wi-Fi site-surveys and onsite troubleshooting
  • Good Organisational skills

Location and Timing issues:

  • Provision of the above mentioned services basically in Luxembourg or Brussels, with a possibility to work in other site about 1 day per month
  • Business hours: 7H-19H => being able to regularly start at 7AM and being able to regularly end at 7PM
  • On-call permanence during nights or weekends (about 1 week every 3 weeks).

What do we offer?

At Proximus SpearIT, you can take your career in many directions. You will be among the first to explore new technologies and can constantly update your skills in our ICT Academy. Our working culture is that of an SME: we say it like it is and never shy away from a challenge.

Since we form part of the Proximus Group, you also benefit from the advantages and security of a large company. You can expect an attractive salary and an extensive package of fringe benefits.

Eager to take the plunge?

Don’t hesitate: quickly send us your motivation letter and CV using the button below.

If you have any questions about the job, feel free to call Anis Ajari on 0488 29 59 91.


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