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Traditional data centers have different silos for storage, computing power and networking, dedicated to each specific application.

There is hardly any integration since the modules come from different suppliers, each with their own software system.

The result: a lot of red tape, not much integration, and hardware that is not used optimally.

Need more simplification, flexibility and integration?
Want to use your on-premise infrastructure better and reduce operational costs? 

Then wave goodbye to fragmented IT infrastructure and say hello to Hyperconverged Infrastructure.

All hardware in one integrated package, with one software layer to maintain an overview.

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Four reasons why Hyperconverged Infrastructure is the solution of choice for your IT environment


Your new IT infrastructure is up and running in no time!
Thanks to HCI, you considerably simplify data-center management.


Your hardware is used more efficiently and the management of your IT environment is simplified.
In other words, HCI reduces your costs!


You can quickly and easily add new nods to a cluster:
for example, to expand your storage and computing capacity.

Clear overview

You no longer have a tangle of hardware, each with its own software system. Thanks to HCI, you can manage your data on a single platform, on a single screen.

Make the most of your IT environment: some applications of HCI

VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)

With Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, the user's desktop doesn't run on a local computer but on a server. Thanks to scalable HCI, you can manage workloads better.

Disaster Recovery

Manage the backup of your storage systems in a centralized way. Mirror your data easily to a second location. This way, you ensure that your data are always secure and available, even in case of force majeure.

Consolidation of your data center

Thanks to hyperconvergence, you can start pruning the jungle of hardware in your data center. This is both space-efficient and cost-efficient, since you pay less for maintenance and management.

Business-critical applications

High performance and flexibility are essential for business-critical workloads. A hyperconverged IT infrastructure provides the ideal basis because it's secure, scalable, and easy to configure.

Edge Computing

Streamline the data traffic of IoT devices. Process the data on-site and provide local data analysis in real-time, without having to make a detour to the data center.

Hybrid Cloud

Are you migrating to the hybrid cloud soon? Then we have good news: HCI is perfectly adapted to the hybrid cloud, thanks to the stackable nodes which help you expand your IT environment.

ROBO (Remote Office Branch Office)

Don't have any space or employees for a data center at a branch office? Hyperconvergence can help you, with a consolidated on-site IT environment that connects to the system at your headquarters.

Ideal test environment

Hyperconverged systems are simplified, flexible and can be controlled remotely. They therefore provide the ideal ingredients for running a flexible test environment.

Dell EMC Hyperconverged:
The nr. 1 solution on the market

  • Higher ROI
  • Lower TCO
  • Higher performance
  • Less downtime
  • Developped with VMware (!)

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Are you interested in hyperconverged infrastructure and how it could help your business?

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