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25 May ‘18 was a kick-off; you basically need to prove you have a GDPR plan.

8/29/2018 by Koen Peeters

Don't let anyone scare you. Check here if GDPR applies to you and/or set up an organization and IT process (first the organization, then the IT, not the reverse).

We know the mid-market like no one else, and this award confirms that.

1/26/2018 by Koen Peeters

We received the Channel Award for best reseller for the mid-market at the 16th Channel Awards gala in Brussels on 25 January.

Ex-CIO Willemen Groep geeft IT-advies aan onze klanten

1/18/2018 by Koen Peeters

Kris Mampaey is gestart als business consultant digitale transformatie bij Proximus SpearIT. Het bedrijf stemt zo zijn diensten verder af op de middelgrote ondernemingen.

Security is best tackled end-to-end: from incoming network traffic to firewalls and user devices.

12/1/2017 by SpearIT editor

Organizations often overlook the most obvious security risk on every workstation. Here's a handy way of fixing this, quickly and without cost.

De meeste IT’ers zijn van opleiding blue code. In je veranderingsmanagement zal je hen meer moeten sturen naar agile, wat een andere mindset vraagt.

10/20/2017 by Koen Peeters

Nigel Moulton op het Dell EMC Forum in Brussel bracht een heldere visie over hoe je je IT-afdeling moet veranderen om digitale transformatie mogelijk te maken. Hier de 5 dingen die je moet onthouden.

Less than one in seven Belgian ICT specialists is a woman

10/13/2017 by Koen Peeters

Data News published the following Eurostat figures: the number of IT specialists in Belgium increased from 2011 to 2014, but numbers have been falling ever since.

Onze CEO Tom Tomczak ziet twee redenen voor deze versterking. Ontdek meer.

10/6/2017 by Koen Peeters

Nu we de kaap van 100 medewerkers naderen, versterken we ons management team met twee ervaren mensen.

The SAP Technobarometer assesses digital transformation in practice

9/12/2017 by Koen Peeters

Belgian companies say they don't have in-house knowledge (57%), a digital strategy (54%), or the right people (50%). And the figures are even higher for smaller companies. What now?

Digital is a mindset

8/11/2017 by Koen Peeters

Paul Verwilt of Mediahuis forgoes buzzwords such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Virtual Reality. Read here how to create real added value for customers. 

Proximus SpearIT is Dell EMC Titanium Partner

6/22/2017 by SpearIT editor

Dell EMC gives this status to partners in its Partner Program who have the resources and competencies (expert certificates) that make them true sector specialists. 

VMware kan je haast niet meer wegdenken uit hedendaagse IT-omgevingen

6/21/2017 by SpearIT editor

Proximus SpearIT heeft haar VMware Professional Solution Provider partnership bevestigd. 

Meetings: efficient means of communication or waste of time? How do you meet?

6/16/2017 by SpearIT editor

Recognize these office frustrations? They're the five most common problems with meeting rooms at Proximus SpearIT. Things we were sick of. So we decided to solve them. Here, we tell you how.