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Top 5 meeting room frustrations: how do you solve them?

Top 5 meeting room frustrations: how do you solve them?
Recognize these office frustrations? They're the five most common problems with meeting rooms at Proximus SpearIT. Things we were sick of. So we decided to solve them. Below, we tell you how.

Top 5 meeting room frustrations

  1. Scarcity of meeting rooms, which are busy even though you booked them.
  2. People who don't leave the meeting room on time.
  3. Time wasted looking for a meeting room.
  4. People who use meeting rooms without booking them.
  5. If you’re unfortunate enough to have an office next to a meeting room, you’re constantly having to answer questions about it.

Meeting room app

Meetings are now less frequently interrupted, meeting rooms are not used without a reservation, and people get a handy overview of free meeting rooms.

All thanks to the FISHBOWL MEETING ROOM app on Lenovo Tab 2 A10-30s on the doors of our meeting rooms. The app works seamlessly with our Office 365 and is easy to install and configure.

Meeting room apps are springing up like mushrooms in app stores. We tested and compared a whole series of them and found the Fishbowl app by far the best one currently available. A good interface with an attractive, adaptable design (house style, of course) now helps us use our meeting rooms more efficiently.

How was it done at Proximus SpearIT?

  1. We installed Fishbowl on tablets outside our meeting rooms so that people could clearly see whether a room was booked or free. They could also book a room on the spot for 10-90 minutes.
  2. We adapted the design to the Proximus SpearIT house style.
  3. Fishbowl runs in the background while you continue working in your current programs on MS Exchange, Office 365 or Google for Work*.
  4. But that's not all it does: Fishbowl also takes measurements to increase your meeting productivity.

Automatic measurements and... action!

Take action based on the facts instead of a gut feeling or what people say in surveys because that doesn't always square with reality. And who has time for surveys anyway?

Participants are automatically* registered. You don't have to keep a record of attendance. Fishbowl registers everyone who participates in a meeting and has installed the smartphone app.*

As soon as the participants leave the meeting room, they receive a notification from Fishbowl.

With Fishbowl, you have all the data about your meetings in one place. You can consult statistics, graphs, and reports to improve meetings within your organization.

Indeed, meetings can either be an efficient means of communication and discussion, or a simple waste of time which weighs on your company's productivity. In the latter case, meeting data are the ideal starting point for an improvement process.

Want to know more?

Or want to come and take a look at our test setup?
Feel free to ask questions about the Fishbowl app.


*NB: At the time of writing, the Fishbowl tablet app was only available in Google Playstore. The iOS app with GSuite support is expected in July 2017. Microsoft Exchange and O365 support for iOS is expected later, in summer 2017. The smartphone app for meeting room users is expected after the summer. Then, you'll be able to measure more things, such as the actual start and end times of meetings and attendance. Things like freeing up a meeting room if the organizer hasn't arrived within X minutes, are also possible.