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Number of ICT specialists in Belgium falls again

Number of ICT specialists in Belgium falls again
Cijfers van Eurostat over het aantal ICT'ers in België van 2011 tot 2016

Data News published an article on figures from Eurostat regarding the number of ICT specialists in Europe.

In Europe, from 2011 to 2016 the number of ICT specialists increased by no fewer than 214,000, a 2.7% growth.

We see a reverse trend in Belgium, where the number of ICT specialists increased from 2011 to its peak in 2014, but numbers have fallen by almost 3% ever since.

Women remain under-represented in the Belgian ICT sector.

The number of ICT jobs has evolved as follows over the past five years:

  • 2011: 159.200
  • 2014: 199.700 (4,4% of the labor force)
  • 2016: 193.800 (4,2% of the labor force)

Countries such as Finland and Sweden have more than 6% ICT specialists. In Belgium, almost 86% are male. There are only 14.1% women employed in ICT jobs in our country. For every woman there are six men running around an ICT department.

Three lessons for companies

  1. Companies will find it increasingly difficult to find ICT specialists. And when finding them is not the core activity of your HR department, your ICT vacancies will remain unfilled for a longer time.
  2. Outsourcing will continue to thrive, out of necessity and because it seems to be more efficient. What large multinationals have been doing for a long time is now being adopted by smaller and medium-sized businesses. This can range from temporarily hiring ICT specialists to outsourcing parts of your ICT landscape: your infrastructure and network, your workspaces, your help desk, etc.
  3. You need to find a balance between specialists and generalists. Aside from the declining number of ICT specialists in Belgium, ICT is becoming simpler on the surface for professional users but more complex underneath. So you need more domain specialists rather than all-rounders. However, businesses also need generalists who can collaborate and don’t just deal with bits and bytes. Can you find that balance?


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