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Make your IT platform future-proof

Launching a new customer application or ERP-system on an old IT-infrastructure is like driving the Tour of Flanders with a full steel bike frame: you will not escape the peloton of competitors.

Speed, scalability, flexibiity and safety are the four pillars you need to build on to become an agile organisation that can pivot away from the competition.

It all starts with the IT foundations.

Speed + scalability + flexibility + safety

Go for agility

Becoming a more agile organisation boils down to this:

  • Eliminate waste: align inputs and outputs
  • Prioritize efforts for impact
  • Simplify where you can
  • Automate repetitive tasks and use time more wisely

Of course you need the right tools and platforms to realise this, gain time and put efforts where they can make the difference.

What's in it for you


Your applications need to perform to retain clients and employees. 

Don't give them a bad experience.


Start small, scale fast (or don't spend a fortune if it fails).

You want easily expandible storage and computing power.


Cyber crime is on the rise. Protect your reputation. Avoid fines and claims.

Safeguard your clients' data. Keep hackers out. Be ready to respond if something bad happens.


Accomodate new requirements easily.

Automate, simplify and let your smartest people work on what matters most in stead of keeping the lights on.

Matthias Nijs, Datadobi


Mid-sized companies have everything to win by working smarter in IT.

Resources are scarce and expensive.

We have tailored our services to enable medium enterprises to use its resources wisely.


Bart Weemaels, Head of Projects & Services, Proximus SpearIT

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