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Strengthen Your Teams with Our Top IT Specialists

Are you struggling to find the right IT talent for your company? With a shortage of over 18,000 IT specialists, finding the right people can be a real challenge.
Even if you do have a recruitment team, they may not have the necessary expertise to source and hire IT professionals. That's where we come in.
We provide staffing solutions for companies in need of IT specialists, including helpdesk and support, datacenter and cloud, and security and networking staff.

In both cases, we can help you with helpdesk and support, datacenter & cloud or security and networking staff.

You’ll never work alone

Our staffing services can draw on the extensive Proximus Group network in the Benelux.

You get a single contact person.


Build a high-performing helpdesk team

Hard skills

Of course, our support engineers come with the necessary technical baggage and switch smoothly between multiple languages. Their intrinsic motivation ensures that they learn quickly.

Soft skills

We select our helpdesk people on the basis of team spirit and test them on how smoothly they deal with different personalities and communication styles.

Adapted to corporate culture

With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), we also match the personalities of our people with the culture and values of your organization.

Strategic, without fuss

We take your recruitment concerns away, take a lot of administration out of your hands and help you with your resource planning. This way, your department can work more efficiently.

Our IT staffing approach:
better matching and retention


We get to know your context well, take stock of your staffing needs and check the organizational culture.

  • Drawing up of job descriptions with hard skills, soft skills and culture aspects; Contract formulas (contract management, sourcing, scale up/down, try & hire, team assessments etc.); agreements on the planning.
Full speed ahead
  • Testing, interviewing, selection and presentation of applicants. Resource planning. Daily management of contracts. Reporting, planning and service reviews.

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Our formulas

  Contract management

You get one overview of all your IT contractors with the same reporting for everyone. You do a lot less administration and have a single point of contact for all your questions.


The classic. You ask, we bring in the right specialist at the right time, including screening, selection and presentation of applicants.

  Managed staffing

We deliver entire teams or complement teams in IT projects, for the internal/external helpdesk or when you want to increase specific expertise internally.

We do the necessary resource or capacity planning and take the required measures for planned and unplanned absences.

In addition, you can add options to your heart's content. We always work to your specifications.


Up- or downscaling as per agreement
Workforce assessment: where are your teams at today? What is the margin for development? Where is there hidden potential? 
Performance monitoring at regular intervals by our service 
Try & hire: satisfied with an IT specialist? Then you can hire him or her after a while. 
Young potential: junior consultants in a training program at an advantageous rate



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With our approach you get:
  • High-performing IT teams
  • Specialized IT recruitment
  • Less administration
  • All the flexibility you want
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Nadine Dehandschutter 



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