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Fast price adjustments and a better customer experience

Enough of the hassle with manual price adjustments?

Replace your paper price labels with electronic shelf labels for automatic price changes. And offer your customer a lot more info about a product than just the price.


How do electronic shelf labels work?

The labels are equipped with IOT technology and communicate via wifi with a management platform in the cloud.

Define the prices in the platform, press the button and prices are automatically adjusted for all channels at once. No more manual price adjustments. You can also link the labels to your ERP package.

And for the customers? Via a QR code or NFC, the labels give access to a lot more information about a product than just the price, such as allergens or an instruction video. Work with colours to put certain products in the spotlight.

Why are electronic shelf labels interesting for your shops?

Smart and dynamic price display
  • Save time with automatic price adjustments
  • React quickly to the competition
  • Sync prices on all channels at once
Real-time stock information and localization
  • Automatically get stock information on the shelves for accurate stock management
  • Know exactly where a product is on the shelves
  • Accelerate Click & Collect preparation
Less food waste with ESL
  • Prevent waste by selling fresh food on time


Why are electronic shelf labels interesting for your customers?

  • Detailed product information
  • Digital in-store interaction
  • Advertisements on the shop rack
  • Localization help for products
  • Correct price on the rack and at the cash register, including discount vouchers and loyalty points

Strong partnership

Our solution is based on the Vusion smart retail IOT platform of SES Imagotag, the world leader in electronic shelf labeling:

  • 17 000 stores
  • Active in 62 countries
  • 160 million connected labels
  • 200 references in retail

Here are some of our customers

Because price changes are automatically managed, we can spend more time on customer advice and servicing.

Claude Florent, current managing director of Gedimat La Vallée


Gedimat La Vallée had its 900 m² warehouse equipped with Electronic Shelf Labelling.

Discover the testimonial from Gedimat

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