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Virtualisation & automation

Want to use your hardware optimally? By splitting it up virtually, you can run multiple applications or operating systems on your hardware.

This allows you to manage your IT components from one, central location and to automate the IT processes in your company.

As a result, you’ll be able to respond more quickly to business needs and offer IT solutions like water from a tap.

We guide your IT department in the move from service partner to strategic business partner.

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Our Approach

Why virtualization is interesting for your company


Less hardware means less power and maintenance.

Virtualization is an efficient way of making better use of your resources.

  Clear overview

From now on, all applications are located in the server.
You can access them any time, any place, and on any device.

Monitoring and security are also simplified.

  Ideal test environment

A virtual environment is ideal for conducting tests.

It is also hardware-independent, so there's no downtime if you want to add hardware, for example.


The virtual environments are independent of the underlying hardware, so it’s easier to switch to the cloud.

Why choose Proximus SpearIT?

A unique IT ecosystem

Are you also looking for solutions in, for example, networking or managed security?
Take advantage of our expertise in other areas.

Tailor-made approach

Looking for an end-to-end solution, or support during one of the roll-out phases of your new IT environment? The choice is yours.

Years of experience

Proximus SpearIT is not a novice in this field.
We have concrete examples to illustrate our approach, so be sure to ask for references!

A Trusted Partner

We strive to deliver the best service.
In our trophy room: numerous high-level certificates and strategic partnerships with top Technology Vendors.


Some of our customers

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