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What are benefits for your organization?

Don't lose any business by not being on top of your data. 

In the future, clients will increasingly ask proof on how you protect their data and privacy. Data breaches and hacks will cost dearly in terms of fines, reputation or closures. Situations that every business leader wants to avoid.

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Differentiate your company? Get compliant with the new data privacy and security requirements.


Why work with us?

Cost efficient

Compared other consultants, we provide a cost efficient and tailor-made consultancy services.

You get access to legal, security and IT specialists for which it would be overkill to hire them fulltime.

Expert team

Our team consists of highly skilled and experienced consultants in all the fields needed to get in control of your data. 

They are ready to help you through your whole journey to data and privacy mastery.


We adjust to your needs, to your business size, structure and capabilities.

We work out services that are complement your organisation where needed.


Privacy and security of your data will become a differentiator for your customers. Therefore we start from your data and specialists in every field will help you to become compliant and grow your business based on data.

- Ben Loosen, Business Consultant/Legal Assistant at Proximus SpearIT


Our complete privacy and security services portfolio

Our team of certified consultants deliver a complete IT and legal service portfolio of data security, privacy and GDPR.
From audits over assessments and action plans to a DPO as a service.


Discover our portfolio:


1. Privacy


Identify the personal data that you process and decide where you need an impact analysis to manage the risks inherent to that processing.


  • Data Mapping: get a complete overview of where you process and store personal data, from HR over Finance and Sales&Marketing to any other system or database.
  • Readiness assessment: get recommendations on how to change your way of working to get compliant with the privacy regulations. We will be able through this pre-audit, analyze the gap between the existing procedures and the requirements of the new rule. This pre-audit will help you confirm the results of the work already done, and identify processes that need improvement.
  • Gap analysis: identify the gaps for GDPR compliance. This step will establish a Screening and analysis of your data processing necessary for the final report. As part of this audit, our specialist writes a list of recommendations to help the Customer to comply with the GDPR.
  • (optional) ISO Assesment 27001

2. Security: Step it up, Get ISO 27001 certified

The international standard for implementing a solid Information Security Management System (ISMS)


Reach a higher level of maturity in information security by implementing ISO 27001.

Our team can also strengthen your organisation as an internal consultant or Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).

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