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ICT consultants at your service

BE bedrijven vinden moeilijker IT'ers

War for talent

The number of ICT experts in Belgium is falling, Yet the demand for them keeps rising. ICT systems are becoming smarter and more complex. Companies today need more domain specialists, besides all-rounders.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to find the right ICT expert. But we have a solution​.

Onze talent pool met hersens en handen

The Biggest ICT-talent pool

The solution: draw upon the largest talent pool in Belgium – Proximus, with its 2,000 customer-oriented ICT specialists. Let the right set of brains and/or hands work on your project.

As quickly as necessary, as efficiently as possible – once we know your needs and plans for the long term.

Our people



Engineers for short- or long-term projects

Project Management

Project managers

A single project or a whole program, within the deadlines, budget and scope


ICT managers

Strategic and tactical support for teams, entire IT departments, and change processes